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GreenRock's Vision

GreenRock Gifts specializes in intuitive, one-of-a-kind, perfectly imperfect jewelry, crafts, original art, up-cycled creations, accessories, and home goods. Our vision is to trouble the boundaries between arts and crafts through wearable art and expressive collectible goods that radiate cultural significance and artistic freedom.


GreenRock's Mission

GreenRock Gifts is my way of bringing more light into the world. As a lifelong artist in performance, mixed media, and storytelling, I have always loved the idea that when people encounter art, they are never the same. I hope that by creating and selling wearable and collectible art at reasonable prices, more people will be able to share in the light that inspires me and be a part of my artistic community.

Jade C. Huell, Designer/Owner

This Jade C. Huell

A gift holds great power. To give of yourself - your talents, your time, your energy - is to grant a feeling of overwhelming gratitude and grace to another for a moment in time. Imagine if we all gave effortlessly, freely, lovingly, and often? We could freeze forever in that gifting, giving moment. We could at least be free.


-Dr. Jade

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